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Anjuna - one of the most legendary places in North Goa. It was the late 60s - early 70s, first hippies began to settle here. In those days people from different countries have decided to change his lifes, and began to travel around the world. Many of them kept the way to India. Someone went searching for spirituality, dedication, someone wanted to learn yoga in the Himalayas, while others just wanted to dive into a fascinating ancient culture. In their travels, these people are sometimes met, became acquainted with each other. Thus was formed a kind of gathering. And somehow, it turned out that at some point, many of these people agreed to meet in Goa on Christmas Day. Everyone loved it - people were happy with each other, talked about his travels, life. It turned out something like a party. Many people like Goa, they have to stay here for a month or two, then the entire season, while others remained to live for a year or more. And of course, a meeting of all at Christmas, has become a good tradition. These gatherings with guitars, drums and other musical instruments around the fires gradually grew into full-fledged musical party on the beach. And some of them then born the goatrance music style and culture. And it all began in Anjuna.

During the years Anjuna has changed, but still remains a place of concentration of the most "informal" Goan audience. Many Europeans and Israelis, Russians. There are still living a hippie, Rasta, itinerant musicians. But the tourist business already well penetrated here. In Anjuna there is already a number of expensive mini-hotels, gradually building new guesthouses.

As a consequence, the abundance of informal public, in Anjuna you are likely to be offered to buy the hashish and other drugs in stock more often than anywhere else in Goa. For this reason, the police are well aware of this, in the evenings in the vicinity of Anjuna are occasionally rounded up in order to earn thousands of rupees from rasta people that driving on bikes with full pockets. For those who are clean with the law, it also could spell trouble some, such as the lack of rights to manage the bike. In general, pay attention:)

Wednesday in Anjuan works famous Fleamarket. Its history, he is also obliged to hippies, who are many, many years ago, having spent all his money hoarded ticket home, selling your property, a variety of handmade crafts and souvenirs. As the number of hippies grew and the market gradually tightened Indian traders. Now the hippies almost gone, and sell mainly Indians.

Accommodation in Anjuna

Prices in Anjuna quite low. Many guesthouses diffrent level, some hotels.

Eating & Drinking in Ajuna

There are lot of good cafes and shacks.
- Basilico - good pizza and pasta.
- Biryani Palace - not the cheapest institution. It specializes in North Indian cuisine. Kebabs, Biryani, Tandoori.
- Curlie's - one of the most party active shack on the beach. A good place meet with people.
- Munche's (or Munchies) - A good place to have dinner, watch cable TV, meet friends and find information about upcoming parties. Located on the road to Vagator, near Oxford supermarket.
- Oasis is one of the most popular restaurants in Anjuna. Cheap and delicious. Located on the north side of the main road to the beach.
- The German bakery - good and relaxed place to have breakfast. Make good cakes. Located on the way to fleamarket.
- LaFranza. Well prepared seafood. Kingfish, king prawns.
- Zuri.
- Shore Bar. One of the best places to eat in Anjuna. Long menu, very tasty eating. Great sea view.
- Avalon Sunset.
- Tantra Beach Shack - near fleamarket. Vegetarian food and Thali.
- Whole Bean. On the main road to fleamarket.

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach is more pleasant for swimming than the beach nearby Vagator, due to the lighter sand, but is fraught with many dangers because of the presence of rocks (including underwater) in the most unexpected places. That is, to swim, of course you can, but this should be done carefully. See where many other people swimming and get in water there.

Getting There:

Anjuna placed at North Goa, between Vagator and Baga. Approximately 50 kilometers from Dabolim airport. Directions from the airport to Anjuna on pre-paid taxi costs 900 rupees.

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Anjuna, Goa

Anjuna, Goa

Anjuna, Goa

Anjuna, Goa

Anjuna, Goa

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