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Tourist center of South Goa. Many hotels, restaurants and shops. Relatively many people (sometimes comparable to the northen Calangute-Candolim). A popular place for weekend holidays Indian people.

Accommodation in Colva

Around the Colva quite possible to find a nice room from 400-500 rupees. You can find houses to rent, also quite cheap. And many many hotels.

Eating & Drinking in Colva

Many beach shacks, cafes, restaurants.

Colva beach

Wide, with a light sand, creaking under your feets. A lot of people.

Getting There

Colva - at the South Goa in the center of a long, 30-km beach. From the airport to Colva 24 kilometers.

Photos of Colva

Colva, Goa

Colva, Goa

Colva, Goa

Colva, Goa

Colva, Goa

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