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Pretty small number of people even at the high season. Quiet, peaceful place.

Accommodation in Betalbatim

In addition to several hotels, there are guesthouses in the village, at a distance of not less than 500-1000 meters from the beach.

Eating & Drinking in Betalbatim

There are some shacks at the beach.

Betalbatim beach

Sand, quite light.

Getting There

Betalbatim is located in the Southern part of Goa, between the beaches of Colva and Majorda. Approximately 17 kilometers from the Dabolim airport. Travel on pre-paid taxi - about 260 rupees.

Photos of Betalbatim

Betalbatim, Goa

Betalbatim, Goa

Betalbatim, Goa

Betalbatim, Goa

Betalbatim, Goa

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