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Baga - one of the most tourist beach in North Goa. There are many hotels of different class, a lot of people, thousands of sun beds. Actively offering water sports - banana, water skiing, parasailing and more.
The abundance of hotels includes the concentration weekend vacationers at this point. There are place of rest the elderly Englishmens, Germans. Also, Baga is very popular with Indian tourists. Russian is also quite a lot.

If you move from the north to the south of Goa, it is in Baga begins "civilizational" part of North Goa. Here, more clean and neat. We can be said, it not quite a village. Many stores, shops and restaurants. ATMs.
Prices in Baga - higher than in the other northern villages of Goa. In the beach shacks more expensive about half two times, than in the same level shacks of the Vagator or Arambol.

Accommodation in Baga

Many different levels hotels, many guesthouses.

Eating & Drinking in Baga

Many many beach shacks and restauraunts all around the the Baga.

Baga beach

Highly crowded, especially at hloidays. Long, with yellow sand.

Getting There

Baga situated north of Calangute.

Photos of Baga

Baga, Goa

Baga, Goa

Baga, Goa

Baga, Goa

Baga, Goa

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