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Chapora - a small village, on the dusty main street, which focuses a lot of small restaurants and shops with clothing and accessories. And of course there is the legendary Juice Centre. Here are constantly motion, party-people from all over the Goa flock here, creating a special, wonderful atmosphere, which is difficult to describe. Must feel.
Stepping back a bit further from the main street, you can see how slowly flowing life of this fishermans village, simple life of local residents.

At the Juice Centre you can ask about party in the coming days, read local ads, and of course drink good fresh juice.

There are - shops, currency exchange, pharmacy. At the road to Vagator there is a small supermarket.

Near the village on the hill Chapora fort. At the fort is almost nothing left, but it is a good place to view the all around and meet the sunset.
On the way from the village to the fort there is a large banyan tree.

Accommodation in Chapora

Lodging in Chapora very cheap. But probably, it is difficult to find a decent option. Most housing is booked people who in Goa for the entire season, as well as the most ideological and hippie and rastamans:)

Eating & Drinking in Chapora

Many small cafes and restaurants.

Chapora beach

There is no beach for swimming, because Chapora located at the banks of the river. Closest beach in Vagator, 1km from Chapora.

Getting There

Chapora located at the North Goa, near the mouth of the same named river, next to the Vagator. Can be reached either from the road and via Vagator.

Photos of Chapora

Chapora, Goa

Chapora, Goa

Chapora, Goa

Chapora, Goa

Chapora, Goa

Chapora, Goa

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